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International Fast Learning is a small, enthusiastic growing company, focusing mainly on language and Italian culture where you can learn Italian language course, because its founder grew up in Italy and the love of Italian culture.
This Institution teaches all the foreign languages present in our beautiful world, however we focus primarily on Southern-Mediterranean European cultures such as Spanish, Italian and French.

The institute offers also very well structured English classes, at all levels, for ESL students.

The purpose of the International Fast Learning Institute is not only to teach foreign Languages , but is also to introduce the originality and the diversity of the Southern European culture in America, in order to promote the fusion of two similar and still culturally different continents, in our global society.

Would you like to learn italian or another languages?
Contact to Internacional Fast Learning Institute and Learn fast, fluently and easy

Learn italian and Spanish (Other foreign Languages are available) fast, fluently, and easy with your professional native teacher at your home anytime if you live around Atlanta City!

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We are so sure of the quality of our lesson, our preparation and our system that it's not a problem at all give you a FREE DEMONSTRATIVE lesson!

Check the Italian presentation video


Check the Italian DEMO Free Lesson NOW!

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Speak Italian in a few months

It's impossible to speak fluently any foreign language in 10 days !!!!

But HERE at International Fast Learning Institute WE TELL YOU THE TRUTH:

Our method is innovative and fun! It gets right to the core of Grammar and Fluency, and focuses in what is really important, without wasting time in confusing and not-well-organized information.

Our language learning approach will let you start talking in a few month!


Our teaching method

You should first check the quality of the service before you try and then, only if satisfied, you take the lessons!

Most language schools tend to prolong the learning process in order to get more payments from the students, often they have teachers with no much experience or talent just "to get the class starting". Also, since the students of Italian sometimes are not very numerous, some school try to "fit" different levels' students in the same class in order to "get the number", with terrible results for the students.

Watch our free video lessons.



Expand your possibilities

Currently bilingual persons with the ability to speak, read and write in two or more languages have great advantages in the labor market.

International Fast Learning Institute helps you with those goals learning languages in a fun way of knowing about other cultures.

During the week you'll keep working by yourself listening to the mp3. In the car, in line at the supermarket, everywhere is a good place to listen to your favorite story. And after the first part, you'll want to know what happens right? Like in your favorite show in TV. That's the point!


A private qualified italian teacher!

My quality lessons is really high (References under request).
And what about the price??? Call every private Language school, they will ask you $45/hourly or more for a private lesson and we all know that only with a private tutor you can learn really, really fast.

My rate is very affordable because you pay me directly without having to support the administrative expenses of a school. (If you take a package you will pay even less! ) Obvious right?

You learn Italian funny and friendly

At the same time that studies and learn Italian, you will also learn about the customs and culture of Italy, food, lifestyles, landscapes. All of this in a way funny and friendly.